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  • Book: About My Father’s Business
  • Author: Taking Your Faith to Work
  • Number of pages: 240
  • E-book file-sizes: 2.88 – 9.91 Mb

What happens to your faith at work? The truth is, when we go to work, we don’t have to check our faith at the door. About My Father’s Business offers a proven, natural process for becoming a spiritual leader at work, regardless of position or title. Regi Campbell has more than twenty years experience learning and implementing these strategies in companies small and large. With refreshing transparency, he shares his struggles to build his career and pursue his mission to have influence for Jesus Christ with coworkers. The result is a practical guide for reconciling the quest for corporate accomplishment with the call to be an ambassador for Christ around the clock. You will learn how to assess your workplace, identify opportunities, neutralize obstacles, and boldly impact lives for eternity.Now with a new study guide included.Doing what I do, I meet sharp business people from all over the world. And from my involvement with top ministry leaders, I meet people who have a passion to share Christ. In Regi Campbell, you get both…If you’re a business person and you’ve been looking for someone to show you what to do next in “taking your faith to work,”this book is for you. If your husband or wife is a business person, this book will challenge them to “get in the game,”but in a way that is smart and effective. And if you are a pastor, this book can provide the business people in you church with a “track to run on” for effective evangelism and discipleship in the marketplace. — From the foreword by John C. Maxwell, author and founder of The INJOY Group

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