Think Communication e-book

Think Communication e-book

  • Book: Think Communication
  • Author: Isa N. Engleberg, Dianna R. Wynn
  • Number of pages: 400
  • E-book file-sizes: 4.8 – 16.51 Mb

Designed to ensure students grasp and apply concepts and theories of communication – not just recite information – this new edition addition to human communication offers an engaging text format for easy readability and reference.Accessible to the student, with a cost less than the standard traditional text, THINK Communication has unique features, the latest research, along with real-world examples and contemporary visuals that will help students identify and understand their own communication, as well as the behavior of others.

The E-Book Think Communication by Isa N. Engleberg, Dianna R. Wynn is available at the next formats: fb2, pdf, mobi.


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