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  • Book: Trapped in the Middle
  • Author: Adrianna Rose
  • Number of pages: 156
  • E-book file-sizes: 1.87 – 6.43 Mb

It all began as a journal, during the times of my mother’s illness I became overwhelmed with all of the complications she was experiencing while hospitalized. The financial burden that occured from her home care, and the family struggles I was experiencing at the time. I felt all alone in the world with my struggles, I didn’t want to burden anyone else with my problems, so I decided that I would just write everything that was happening during those times just for the sake of writing. It gave me a sense of release, it helped me to express my emotions on paper. I have always been emotionally strong and never depended on anyone for anything, so I found it very difficult to ask for help from anyone. My plan was to complete the journal, make copies and give them to my family members so that they would have an understanding of my struggles. Then I started thinking why not write a book, but that idea soon got swept under the rug. I thought that I couldn’t write a book, and if I did who would want to read my story, so for a few years I left it alone. But something kept bugging me that still small voice that my grandmother used to talk about, it kept telling me that I had a story to tell, it’s a true story about my life and hopefully my story can be inspirational to many people all over the world both young and old. So I pulled out my journal and started writing, from my very first memories as a young child to my journey to America, my immigration problems, and my marriage to an abusive lunatic, being a single parent, and finding out as an adult who my true father was.Read more Read less

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