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  • Book: Our Daily Tread
  • Author: Lisa M. Belisle
  • Number of pages: 456
  • E-book file-sizes: 5.47 – 18.82 Mb

Our Daily Tread features daily inspirational and thought-provoking quotes (presented within the framework of a perpetual calendar) that are grouped by themes such as hope, courage, opportunity, and gratitude. The book’s goal is to inspire people to make a difference in their family, in their town, or around the globe. The book also features personal essays, photographs, and children’s artwork submitted by the volunteers and supporters of Safe Passage, a Maine-based non-profit organization dedicated to helping the poorest, at-risk children of families who work in the Guatemala City garbage dump by offering programs that foster hope, good health, and education. Sales of the book will benefit Safe Passage, which was founded by Hanley Denning. Denning, a Maine native, died in a car accident in January 2007. She was 36.

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