Downloads Psychology: A Journey of Discovery ebook

Download Psychology: A Journey of Discovery ebook

  • Book: Psychology: A Journey of Discovery
  • Author: Stephen L. Franzoi
  • Number of pages: 737
  • E-book file-sizes: 8.84 – 30.41 Mb

“In the fourth edition of Psychology: A Journey of Discovery, Stephen Franzoi believes that students are motivated to learn the text material when they have a personal investment in the text content. Thus, his “”journey of discovery”” approach is organized on the idea that as students learn about the scientific journey of discovery in psychology, they simultaneously take a personal journey of discovery. This personal journey of discovery is encouraged by the many “”Self-Discovery”” boxes in the text which contain self-report questionnaires developed by psychologists to study the very topics written about in that section of the text. This “”journey of discovery/self-discovery”” approach helps students apply psychological knowledge to their own lives and, in doing so, their personal identification with the topic serves as a memory cue for them, which translates into them better remembering the material for the exams. More than any other college course, the topics in psychology are tailor made for students to personally identify with them. His approach makes that the central theme of the text and repeatedly encourages this self-discovery and critical thinking process.”

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